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Catalogue of Books 


iftMiTie ratLosfi" 

Being the Entire Collection of 


Gathered by him during many years, and at much cost, and it 

is believed to be the most extensive and valuable 

collection of its peculiar class in this country, 

and comprises many unique volumes. Such 

a collection, undoubtedly, could not 

now be made. 

As General Efitchcock does not design to have the Books 

scattered through his immediate agency, the whole 

is now offered, in one lot, 


For further particulars, terms, &c, 




594 ^&J1<TJD 593 BROADWAY, 


C. C. SHELLEY, Steam Printer, 68 Barclay Street, N. Y. 

' 7/ 



-^ ,//>t^fr^?^ 



• ♦ >- 

1 Agrippa's Occult Philosophy and Geomancy Magical Elements 

of Peter de Abano Astronomical Geomancy, the Nature 
of Spirits and Arbatel of Magick, 8vo calf. Lon. 1655 

2 uteris of Pfemont, Secretes by hym collected out of diuers ex- 

cellent auclhours, newly translated out of Frenche into 
Englishe, with a generall Table of all the matters m- 
tained in the saied Boke, by Wyllyam Ward, 2 par's, 
3&lacft letter, 4to, calf old style. Loud, by Henry 
Sutton, dwelling in Paternoster Rowe at the sign of the 
Black Moryan. 1559-60 

Very curious secretes ! among other notables are the " Pilles of Master 
Michael a Scotte, the whyche heals the griefe, or paine of the heade, 
be it inueterate, or recent, purge the braine, clarifye the sight, 
cause a man to have a good memorie, good color in the face, and be 
also verye good for many infirmities." The above are the first editions. 
Dibdin names the 1st part. 1559, as being the Editio " Princeps," but 
appears to have never seen this first edition, of the second par . 
Throughout the above will be found various marginal contemporary 
notes and additional recipes of extraordinary and valuable secretes, il- 
lustrating the marvellous gusto of our ancestors. Query ! Have we 
ourselves not been inoculated 1 to wit Holloway and Company. 

[By Pills, understand doctrine.] 

3 Armig. T. P., Mundorum Explicatio ; or Explanation of an 
HierogTyphical Figure, wherein are couched the Mys- 
teries of the External, Internal and Eternal World, &c. 
12mo calf. London, 1681 

[By the external, internal and eternal world, understand the Body, 
Soul and Spirit.] 

4 Aubery, John, Miscellanies upon 22 Various Subjects, viz, : 

Day Fatality, Local Fatality, Ostenta, Omens, Dreams, 
Apparitions, Voices, Impulses, Knockings, Prophecies, 
Marvels, Magick, Converse with Angels, Corpse Can- 
dles in Walts, Glances of Love and Envy, Murders by an 
Apparition, 2d edition, 8vo calf. London, 1721 , 

5 Azoth ou le Moyen de Faire l'Orcache des Philosophes de 

Frere Basile Valentin, illustrated with many curious 
plates, 18mo roan. Paris, 1659 

[By gold, understand Truth.] 

6 Admirables Secrets du Grand Albert, 18mo paper. 

Paris, 1-00 
6* Do do Petit Albert, 12mo paper. Paris. 1852 

7 Alchymy, Guide to ; or, the Grand Secret Laid Open, the 

Method of Making the Philosopher's Stone, 12mo bds., 
scarce. 1770 

8 Agrippa's (Euvres Magiques, 18mo paper. Rome, 1744 

9 Agrippa's (Henry, Cor.) Occult Philosophy, three books, 4to 

bnd. 1651 

10 A short Discourse of the Truth and Reasonableness of the 

Religion delivered by Jesus Christ, 18mo half calf. 

London, 1662 

11 Alchymy, Salmon's Compendium of Astrological, Galenical, 

and Chemical Physic, portrait, thick 12mo half bound, 


12 Alchymy, Thrasher's Jabar Astrologicum, or a true Astro- 

logical Guide. 12mo calf, neat, scarce. 1671 

13 An Essay of the Nature and Actions of the Subterranean 

(and for the most part) Invisible People, heretofore going 

under the naroe of Elves, Faimes, and Fairies or the like 
among the Low Country, Scots, as they are described by 
those wh<> have the Second Sight, 4 to boards. Only 100 

copies reprinted. Edinburgh, 1 81 5 

14 AlipiSi, Centrum Naturae Concentratum ; or, the Salt of Na- 

ture Regenerated, for the most part improperly called the 
Philosopher's Stone, ]2mo calf. 5s. 6d. 1696 

[By salt, understand Spirit.] 

15 Abrege de chases plus necessaires du Uray, ISmo calf 

no date. 


16 Alchymy. A New Light of, taken out of the Fountain of 

Nature, and Manual Experience ; with a Treatise on 
Sulphur, written by Sandivogius ; also, Paracelsus' Nine 
Books on the Nature of Things, 4to calf, good copy, 
10s. 6d., rare. 1650 

[Sandivogious is very much quoted by the writers in best repute on 
this subject. J 

17 Angelus (Jo.) Astrological Opticks, wherein are represented 

the Faces of every Signe, with the Images of each De- 
gree in the Zodiack, &c, 12mo calf, gilt, rare. 15s. 


18 Ashmole, Elias. Theatrurn Chemicum Britannicum, Con- 

taining several Poetical pieces of our Famous English 
Philosophers who have written the Hermetique Mys- 
teries in their own Ancient Language, 1 vol, 4to, calf. 

London, 1562 

[This volume is a collection of ancient writings (on the Hermetic 

Scienee, or the Philosopher's Stone). It is extensively annotated in a 

fine hand writing by a Divine of the Church of England. The first 

Treatise is one of the most remarkable and valuable in the volume.] 

19 Ashmole, Elias. Another copy in 2 vols, full morocco. 

20 Do do The Way to Bliss, 4to calf, 

London, j 658 

21 A Prognostication for ever, made by Erra Pater, a Jew, born 

in Jewry, 18mo calf. London, 1686 

22 Berker, Balthazar; The World Bewitched, or an examination 

of the Common Opinions concerning Spirits, their Na- 
ture, Power, Administrations and Operations, 12mo half 
roan. 1695. 
53 Beaumont, John : An Historical, Physiological and Theo- 
logical Treatise of Spirits, Apparitions, Witchcrafts, and 
other Magical Practices. 8vo calf. Lond. 1705 

24 Boyle, Robert: The Sceptical Chymist; or, Chymico- 

Physical Doubts and Paradoxes, touching the Experi- 
ments whereby Vulgar Spagir,is|ts are wont to Endeavour 
to Evince their Salt. Sulphur tnd Mercury to be their 
true principles of things. 12m© morocco. 

Oxford, 1680 

25 Boyle, Robert . Experiments and Notes about the Produce- 

ableness of Chymical Principles, being parts of an Ap- 
pendix designed to be added to the Sceptical Chymist. 
12mo mor. Oxford, 1680 

[In this volume the celebrated Robert Boyle shows the errors in Her- 
metic writings, considered literally. In the work following it, he showa 
(to Adepts) that he was well acquainted with the principles of the Art] 


26 Bernard arid Valentin Traicte de la Nature de L'Oeve 

des (Egg) Philosophes, in 1 volume, 12mo morocco. 

Paris, 1659. 

27 Bacon, le Miroir di Alquimie de Jean de Mehum Philoso- 

phic, 12mo mor. Paris, 1613 

28 Bradley, John ; An Impartial View of the Truth of Christi- 

anity, with the History of the Life and Miracles of Apol- 
lonius Tynaeus. 18mo calf. Lond. 1699 

29 Bulstrodes : An Essay of Transmigration, in defence of 

Pythagoras ; or, A Discourse of Natural Philosophy, 
12mo calf. Lond. 1693 

30 Beverley, Thomas : The Great Soul of Man ; or, the Soul in 

its likeness to God, its Nature. Operations and everlast- 
ing State discoursed. 18mo half morocco. 

London, 1675 

31 Bernard, Traicte de la Nature de C'Oeve (Egg) des Phil- 

osophes, 18mo calf. Paris, 1659 

32 Barclay, Richard ; Discourse of the Felicities of Man, 12mo 

full mor. gilt leaves. Lond. 1598 

33 Bourignon, Antonia ; The Light Risen in Darkness, 8vo 

calf. Lond. 1703 

34 Berkeley's, (George,) Siris, a chain of Philosophical Re- 

flections and Inquiries concerning the Virtues of Tar 
Water. Dublin, 1744. 

And, Clayton's Vindication of the Histories of the Old 
and New Testaments, in answer tojhe objections of the 
late Lord Bolingbroke, in 1 vol. Dublin 

[The celebrated Berkeley wrote the Sirus in the character of a Her- 
metic philosopher. By Tar Water, understand the darkened spirit of 
man, which is to be cleansed.] 

35 Begninus, John. Tyrocinium Chymicum ; or, Chymical 

Essays, 1 8mo half calf. Lond. 1669 

36 The Philosoper's Stone ; or, Grand Elixir Discovered, by 

Friar Bacon, 8vo hf calf. Lond. 1739 

38 Battell, Ralph. Vulgar Errors in Divinity Removed, 18mo 

calf. London, 1683 

39 Babington, Churchill. Paleario on the benefit of Christ's 

Death, 12mo cloth. Lond. 1855 

40 Browne, Sir Thos. Miscellaneous Works, 12mo cloth. • 

Cambridge, 1831 

41 Bordelon's De L'AstroIogie Judiciaire Centretien Curieux, 

18mo calf. Paris, 1689 

43 Brown, John. An Evangelical and Practical View of the 

Types and Figures of the Old Testament Dispensation, 
12mo calf. Glasgow, 1781 

44 Burnett, C. M. The Philosophy of Spirits in Relation to 

Matter, 8vo cloth. London, 1850 

45 BelotJ. (Euvres, 18mo calf. 1704 

46 The Book of Knowledge— The Way to get Wealth. A Rich 

Treasure, in 1 vol. 18mo calf. London, 1697 

[By wealth, understand Wisdom.] 

47 Browne, H. A. Map of the Microcosme,or Moral Description 

of Men, l8mo calf. London, 1642 

48 Burnet, Gilbert. The Life of God in the Sou) of Man, 

18mo half calf. London, 1782 

49 Beaumont, Robert. Love's Missives to Virtue, with Essaies, 

18mocalf. London, 1660 

50 Browne, Richard. The Cure of Old Age, and Preservation 

of Youth, by Roger Bacon, also a Physical Account of 
the Tree of Life, by Media Arrais, 12mo half calf. 

London, 1683 

51 Behmen, Jacob. Works, with the Life of the Author, Fig- 

ures illustrating his Principles left, by the Rev. W. Law, 
Port, and Plates, 4 vols. 4to calf, very scarce. 1764 

[Schelling declared, in his old age, that he found more life in the 
•writings of Jacob Behmen, than in those of all the (so-calledj Philo- 
sophers ] 

52 Burnett's Lives of Alchmystical Philosophers, with a critical 

Catalogue of Books, in Occult Chemistry, 8vo boards. 

London, 1815 

53 Basilus, Valentinus, a Benedictine Monk of Natural and 

Supernatural Things, 18mo morocco. London, 1670 

54 Beehive (The) of the Romish Church, a Worke of all good 

Catholickes, wherein the Catholicke Religion is confirm- 
ed, and the Heretikes finely fetched over the Coales, 
translated by G. Gilpin, thick 12mo, black letter, scarce. 


55 Book of Knowledge. — The newest, best, and very much 

esteemed Book of Knowledge, shewing ths Effects of the 
Planets and other Astronomical Constellations ; with the 
Strange Events that happened to Men, Women and 
Children, Born under them, Sic. Woodcuts, 12mo, half 
calf. 1704 

56 Comte de Gabalis ou entretiens sur les Sciences Secretes, 

18mo calf, no date. 


57 Count of Gabalis, or Conferences about Secret Scieneei, 

18mo Roan. London, 1680 

58 Chemistry made Easie and Useful, or the Argument and 

Disagreement of the Chemists and Galenists, 32mo calf. 

London, 1662 

59 Casaubon, Merie. A Treatise concerning Entbusiasme, 

18mo calf. London, 1656 

60 Do do of Credulity and Incredulity in things 
Divine and Spiritual, 18mo calf. London, 1670 

61 Cooper, W. Philosopher's Epitaph in Mierogliphicall Fig- 

ures, 1673. The Golden Ass well managed and Mydes 
restored to Reason, 1670. Jehior, or the Morning Light 
of Wisdom, with Catalogue of Chymicall Books, in 1 vol 
12mo calf. V. D. 

62 Cory, Alex Turner. The Hieroglyphics of Horapollo 

Nilous, 12mo cloth. London, 1840 

63 Clavis Prophetica ; or, a Key to the Prophesies of Mons. 

Marion and the other Camisars, 18mocf. London, 1707 

64 Christian Doctrine and Practice in the Second Century, 

12mo, cloth. Pickering, London, 1844 

65 Collins, A. Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Human 

Liberty, 12mo calf. London, 1717 

66 Cory, Isaac Preston. Metaphysical Inquiry into the Method, 

Objects and Results of Ancient and Modern Philosophy, 
12mo cloth. Pickering, London 

67 Combachius Lodovicus Sal lumen ei Spiritus mundi Philoso- 

phic! ; or the Dawning of the Day Discovered by the 
Beams of Light, 18mo roan, London, 1657 

[A valuable work in this science.] 

68 Chymie des Savans ou la Pierre des Philosophis, 18mo, hlf 

calf. - 1684 

69 Cosmopolite. Traitez du nouvellement decouverts. Ou 

aptes avoir donno une idee d'une Societe de Philosophes, 
ISmocalf. 1691 

70 Centrum Naturae Concentratum, or the Salt of Nature Re- 

generated, for the most part improperly called the Phil- 
osopher's Stone, 32mo morocco. London, 1696 
7T Crollii Basilica Chymica and Tract de Signatures, in 1 vol. 
4to. Velum, 1608 

72 Cours de Philosophie hermetique ou D'Alehimie par Cam- 

briel, 12mo half calf. Paris, 1845 

73 Cogognia Strozzi. Del Palagio de gl'incanti, 18mo hf. calf 


74 Cure of Old Age and Preservation of Youth, by Roger Ba- 

con, also a Physical Account of the Tree of Life, by 
Edward Madeira, in 1 vol. 1 8mo half calf. Lend. 1680 

75 Collection of Scarce and Valuable Treatise on Metals, 

Mines and Minerals, by Albaro Alonso Barba, 12mo calf. 

London, 1740 

16 Candemberg, Girard. Le Moside Spirituel ou Science 

Chretienne, 12m<» paper. Paris, 1857 

77 CULPEPPER'S Treatise of Aurum Potabilo; containing 

the Knowledge necessary for Hermetick Philosophy, 
12mo, calf bound. 1655 

[By aurum potabile, understand Spiritual Truth ] 

78 Charas, M. New Experiments upon Vipers, 12mo calf. 

London, 1670 
[By vipers, understand Corrupt Men.] 

79 Digby, Sir K. Digby. A late Discourse made in a Sol- 

emne Assembly of Nobles and Learned Men, at Mont- 
pellier, in France, touching the Cure of Wounds by the 
Power of Sympathy, &c. 18mo calf. London, 1660 

80 De Monbron le Cosmopolite ou le Citoyen de Monde, 18mo 

calf. London, 1761 

81 Dictionaire Hermetique, by Gast«n le Doux, 18mo calf. 

Paris, 1§75 

82 Davies, Sir John, The Poetical Works of, consisting of 

his Poems on the Immortality of the Soul, the Hymns 
of Astrea and Orchestra, a Poem on Dancing, &c. 
12mo half calf. London, 1773 

83 De Leibnitz, Systems Rtdigieux, 12mo hf. calf. Paris, 1846 

84 Dooze Clefs de la Philosophic de Frere Basile Valentin 

Religieux de 1 Ordre Sainat Benoist traietant de la 
Vrage Medecine Metalique, 12mo hf. calf. Paris, 1660 

[By metalique medicine, understand Spiritual Truth.] 

85 Digby, Sir K. Letters on Religion. 18mo half calf. 

Lond. 1651 

86 do A Treatise of Adhearing to God, 18mo h. cf. 

Lond. J 654 

88 Drexelius upon Eternity, 32mo roan. Lond. 1694 

89 De Nerval les Illumines au les precourseurs du socialisme, 

12mo paper. Paris, 1852 



90 Davis* (Sir John) Nosceteipsum. This oracle expounded 

in two Elegies of Human Knowledge of the Soul of Man, 
and the immortality thereof. Small 4to, full rnor. 

Lond. 1599 

[This is a beautiful Poem on the immortality of the soul,] 

91 Dee's Chemical Collections, 18mo roan. 1650. 

92 Duncan, Jonathan. Religions of Profane Antiquity, 12mo 

cloth. London 

93 Dendy (Walter C.) on the Phenomena of Dreams, 18mo 

cloth. Lond. 1832 

94 De Symbolia iEgypttorum Symbolia, Parabolas Historic Se- 

lectee, Emblematj, iEnigmata, 12mo old calf. 1623. 

95 Disquisitionum Magicarum, par Martino Delvis, 4to vellum. 


96 Everard. The Divine Pymander ; or, Hermes Mercurius 

Trisinegistus, in xviii books, 1 vol, 18mo mor. 

Lond. 1650 

97 Everard's Hermes Mercurius. Lond. 1657 

98 Essai sur la secte des Illumines, 12mo half calf. 

Paris, 1789 

99 Edward's (Joseph) Essays on the Divine Power, 12mo clo. 

Lond. 1851 

100 Espagnet's Arcanum, or the grand secret of Hermetick 

Philosophy, 18mo mor. 165Q. 

[Espagnet's Arcanum is a particularly valuable book on this subject. 

101 Emblemes de Sambuc, 32mo calf. 1567. 

103 Edward, R. H. The Art of Metals, in which is declared 

the manner of their generations and the concomitants of 
them, 1 8mo calf. Lond. -1674 

104 Eunoumus on Distillation, 4to half calf. Lond. 1656 

[By distillation, understand the exercises of the Spirit (of man) by 
which its secret properties are brought to light.] 

105 Floyer, Sir John. The Sibylline Oracles, 12mo calf. 

Lond. 1713 

106 Fragments of Porphyry Julian, &c, against the Christians, 

12mo cloth. Lond. 1830 

107 Faculties of Man ; a comparative view of, with those of the 

Animal World, 12mocalf. Lond. 1766 

108 Five Treatises of the Philosopher's Stone, small 4to. 

Lond. 1652 


109 Fellovves, Robert. The Religion of the Universe, with 

consolatory views of a Future State, 12mo clo. 

Lond. 1836 

110 French, John. The Art of Distillation, or a treatise of the 

choicest Spagyrical Preparations, Experiments and Curi- 
osities performed by way of Distillation, small 4to. 

Lond. If 57 

111 Figuier, Louis. L' Alchimie etles Alchimistes, 12mohalf 

calf. Paris, 1854 

[This work, by Figuier, may serve to show how an incompetent man 
may write on this subject, with the principles of which he was unac- 

112 Fludd, Robert. Mosaical Philosophy, grounded upon the 

Essential Truth or Eternal Sapience, folio. Lond. 1659 

113 Greek Romances of Helidorus Longus and Achilles Tatius, 

translated from the Greek, with note, by Rev. Rowland 
Smith, 12mo cloth, Bohn. Lond. 1855 

114 Giphantia ; or, A View of what has passed, what is now 

passing, and, during the present century, what will pass 
in the World, 12mo bds. Lond. 1761 

115 Gems of Luther, 18mo clo. Lond. 1838 

116 Goyder, Rev. Thomas. The Key of Knowledge to the 

Holy Scriptures, 18mo clo. London, 1838 

117 Golden Calf, which the World adores and desires; in 

which is handled the most rare and imcomparable Won- 
der of Nature in Transmuting Metals, by John Frederick 
Helvitus, 32mo calf. London, 1670 

[By the Transmutation of metals, understand the transformation of a 
bad man into a good one.] 

118 Gadbury, John. The Works of the late, most excellent 

Philosopher and Astronomer, Sir George Wharton, 3 vols, 
12mo half calf. London, 1683 

119 Guide to Heaven, containing the Marrow of the Holy Fath- 

ers and Ancient Philosophy, 1 8mo mor. 1672. 

120 Garencieres, Theophilus. The True Prophecies and Prog- 

nostications of Michael Nostradamus, physician to Henry 
II, Charles IX, &c. Folio. London, 1672 

121 Historie d'une Aparition avec des Reflexions, l8rno bds. 

Paris, 1722 

122 Hedrick Arcana Philosophic; or, Chemical Secrets, 18mo 

calf, London, 1697 

123 Hermetical Banquet Drest, by a Spagiricall Cook, 18mo 

hf. calf. London, 1*>52 

124 Heylyn's Discourses, 12mo calf. London, 1770 


125 Hegdon, John. The Wise Man's Crown ; or, The Glory 

of the Rosie-Cross, showing the wonderful power of 
Nature, 18mo hf. calf. Lond. 1664 

126 Historie de la Philosophic Hermetique, 3 vols, 12mo calf. 

Paris, 1742 

127 do do another set. 

Paris, 1744 

128 Harmonie Mystique ou Accord des Philosophes, 12mo mor. 

Paris, 1636 

129 Heevyt, John. Repentance and Conversions, the Fabrick 

of Salvation ; or, The Saint's Joy in Heaven, and other 
sermons, 18mo half calf. Lond. 1658 

130 Hermippus Redivivus ; or, The Sage's Triumph over old 

age and the grave wherein a Method is laid down for 
Prolonging the Life and Vigour of Man, I2mo hf. mor. 

Lond. 1749 

131 Hartlib, Samuel. Chymical, Medicinal and Chyrurgical 

Addresses, 18mocalf, 2 Copies. Lond. 1655 

[By Chemical, in these books, understand Hermetic- Alchy my, the Al- 
c hmy of the Soul.] 

132 Helmont's Deliramenta Catarrhi; or, The Incongruities, 

Impossibilities and Absurdities couched under the Vulgar 
Opinion of Deiluxions. Small 4to. Lond. 1650 

133 Helmont's Paradoxal Discourses, concerning the Macro- 

cosm and Microcosm ; or. The Greater and Lesser 
World and the Union, 12mo hf. calf. Lond. 1685 

134 Hierocles upon the Golden Verses of the Pythagoreans, 

12mo calf. Glasgow, 1756 

135 Halliwell, James 0. The Private Diary of Dr. John Dee, 

and the Catalogue of his Library Mass, 4to cloth. 

Lond. 1842 

136 Hannmer, Joseph. Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphic 

Characters Explained, 4to bds. Lond. 1806 

138 Herbert. De Veritate pruut distinguitur a revelatione a 

Verisimili a possibili, 4to vellum. 1633. 

139 Huygens. The Celestial Worlds Discovered ; or, Con- 

jectures concerning the Inhabitants, Plants and Pro- 
ductions of the Worlds in the Planets, 18mo calf. 

Lond. 1698 

140 Hellot, John. Les Elemens de la Philosophie del Art du 

feu ou Chemie, 12mo mor. Paris, 1651 

141 Joly, Gabriel. Trois Arciens Traictez de la Philosophie 

Naturelle, 18mo hf. calf. Paris, 1626 


142 johnsonum, Gutielrnun. Lexicon Chymicum ctim Obsctl- 

riorum Verborum et Rerum Hermeticarum, 18mo vellum. 

Lond. 1652 

143 Kingsley, Charles. Alexandria and her Schools, 12mo 

cloth. Cambridge, 1854 

144 Le Dodechedron de Fortune par Jean de Meun, 12mo mor. 

Paris, 1615 

145 L'Ouverture de l'Escolle de Philosophic Metaliique, par 

David de Planis Camfy, 12mo mor. Paris, 1633 

146 Les Systemes et les Cabales, 12mo half calf. 

London, 1772 

147 La Clef D'Or ou TArt de gagner a la Loterie, 32mo half 

calf. A 7 o date. 
148L'Art Hermetique a decouver ou nouvelle lumiere Magique, 
12mo calf, 1787. 

149 Le Grand, A. The Divine Epicurus, or the Empire of 

Pleasure, over the Virtues, ISmohalf. London, 1676 

150 Les Avantures du Philosophe Inconnu, 32mo morocco. 

Paris, 1709 

151 Les Fables Egyptiennes et Grecques, 2 vols, 12mo calf. 

Paris, 1786 

152 La Luimere Sortant, par soy medes Tenebres ou Veritable 

theorie de la Pierre des Philosophers. 

153 Livre Sans nom divise en Cinq Dialogues, 18mo vellum. 

% Paris, 1695 

154 Lilly, Wra. Christian Astrology modestly treated of, in 

three books. The first containing the use of Ephemeris ; 
2d, by a most Methodical way instructeth the Student 
how to Judge or Resolve all manner of Questions Con- 
tingent unto Man, viz. : Health, Sickness, Riches, Mar- 
riage, Preferment, Journies, &c. The 3d contains an 
exact Method whereby to Judge upon Nativities, &c, 2 
vols, small, 4to calf. London, 1647 

155 Lilly, Win. Astrolgiae, or a Guide for Astrologers, from 

the famous Guido Bonatus and aphorisms of Cardans, 
<fec, 12mo calf. London, 1676, 

156 Lumen de Lumine ; or a new Magical Light Discovered 

and Communicated to the World, by Eugenius Phila- 
lethes, 18mo half calf. London, 1651 

157 Lead, F. A. Message to the Philadelphian Socety 

whithersoever dispersed over the whole Earth, and the 
message of an everlasting peace, being the third to the 
Philadelphian Society ; also, the works of a true Phila- 
delphian, &c, in 1 vol, 32mo calf. London, 1696 

158 Lu Lumiere tiree du Chahos ou Science Hermetique par 

h G* # Amsterdam, 1784 


15$ Lulle, Master Raymond. Traite de la Raison ou Von Voit 
son origine ce qu'lle est en dieu, en l'Art & en le Na- 
ture, &c, 12mo morocco. Paris, 1668 

160 Lucas, Louis. Roman Alchimique, l2mo paper. 

Paris, 1857 

161 Lelert, L. F. Demon de Socrate specimen d'un applica- 

tion de la Science Psychologique, &c, 12mo paper. 

Parisj 1856 

162 Louandre, Chs. La Socrellerie, 12mo paper. Paris, 1853 

163 Lardner, Nathaniel A letter written in 1730, Concerning 

the question whether the Logos supplied the place of a 
human soul in the person of Jesus Christ, 22mo calf. 

London, 1793 

164 La Science Curieuse ou traite de la Chyrom&nce, 4to 

Paris, 1667 

165 Le Triomphe de l'Archee et la Mervielle du Monde, par 

Jean D'Aubry de Montpellier, 4to half calf. Paris, lb58 

[By Archeus, understand^the Spirit.] 

166 Les Secrets les plus caches de la Philosophic des Anciens, 

<fec, par M. Crosset de la Haumerie, 18mo morocco. 

Paris, 1722 

167 L'Elixir des Philosophes, 18mo calf. 1557. 

[By Elixir, understand the Spirit of Truth, the Nectar of the Ancients ] \ 

168 Lettres Cabalistiques ou Correspondence, Philosophiques, 

Historique et. Critique, entre deux Cabalistes, divers Es- 
prits Elementaires, etle Seigneur Astaroth, 7 vols, 12mo 
vellum. A la Haye, 1764 

169 Marsey's Disccurses on Spiritual Life, ISmocf. Edinb. 1749 

170 Montagu's Selections from the Works of Taylor, Latimer, 

Hall, Milton, Barrow, South, Brown, Fuller and Bacon, 
12mo full morocco, Pickering. London, 1839 

171 Mackintosh, T. S. Electrical Theory of the Universe, 

12mo cloth. Boston. 1846 

172 Museum Hermeticum Reformatum et Amplificatium Omnes 

Sophospagyricae Artes discipulos, &c, 4to boards. 1678 

173 Mascal, Leonard. On the Government of Cattel — 1662. 

The Practice of Chemical and Hermetical Physic lor 
the Preferuatiow of health, by Joseph Querfltanus, 1605, 
in 1 vol, small, 4to calf. 

174 Mather Increase. Remarkable Providences of the earlier 

days of American Colonization )2mo cloth. Lond. 1856 


176 Morley, Henry. The Life of Henry Cornelius Agrippa, 

2 vols, 12mo cloth. London, 1856 

177 Molinos Dr. Michael de. The Spiritual Guide, 18mo mor. 


178 Middleton's Conyers Letters from Rome on Popery and Pa- 

ganism, 8vo calf. London, 1741 

180 Do do Free Inquiry into the Miraculous 
Powers of the Christian Church, 8vo calf. Lond. 1749 

181 Mathews, Richard. The Unlearned Alchymist, his Anti- 

dote, or a more full and ample Explanation of the Use, 
Virtue and benefit of my Pill, 18mo calf. Lond. 1663 

182 Mackaile, Matt. The Diversities of Salts and Spirits 

Maintained. 18mo morocco. Aberdeen, 1683 

183 Milton, John. The Life of, with a History of his Works, 

12mo calf. London, 1699 

184 Mackay's Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions, 

Illustrated, 2 vols. 1 2mo cloth. London, 1852 

[A writer upon, who knew nothing of the Hermetic Art, or of writers on 
this art.] 

185 Naudaeu's G.V. History of Magick by way of Apology, for 

ail the Wise Men who have unjustly been reputed Mag- 
icians from the Creation of the present*Age, 12mo. 

London, 1657 

186 Newman, F. W. Catholic Union Essays towards a Church 

of the future, as the Organization of Philanthrophy, 12mo 
cloth. London, 1854 

187 Nicolas, Henry. A Crying Voice of the Holy Spirit of 

Love, 1648; Prv)phecy of the Spirit of Love, 1649; 
Revelation of God, i 6 49 ; Terra Pacis, 1649; Evangel- 
ium, 1652 ; Introduction to the Glasses of Righfcousness, 
1649; True and Spiritual Tabernacle, 1655. 4 vols. 
18mo full morocco. 
The Works of this singular enthusiast were, by Royal 
Proclamation, ordered to be burnt, and all persons declared 
punishable for having them in possession. 

188 Philalethes Engenius (Thos. Vaughan) Lumen de Lumine, 

or a new Magical Light, 18mo calf. London, 1651 

189 Do do The Marrow of Alchemy being an 
Experimental Treatise, Discovering the most Hidden 
My&tery of the Philosopher's Elixir, 12mo morocco, 

London, 1654 

[By experiments, in this Art, understand, simply, experience and ob- 
servation in life] 


190 Oedipus Chimicus, 32mo morocco: 1664 

191 Occult Sciences, Smedley, Thompson, Rich and others, 

12 mo cloth. London, 1855 

192 Okely, Francis. Dawnings of the Everlasting Gospel 

Light, 12mo % hf. calf. Northampton, 1775 

193 Otto Tachenius his Hippocrates Chymicus, discovering the 

ancient foundation of the Viperine Salt, also his Clavis 
to the Ancient Hippocratical Physick, whereby the 
Occult Mysteries of Nature and Art are unlocked, 4to, 
curious engraved title, calf, scarce. 1690 

194 Do do another copy. 1677 

[Tachenius, like Robert Boyle, wrote his wort in two parts ; one against 
the Hermetic Science, understood literally ; the other is a genuine Her- 
metic treatise.] 


195 Penotus, or the Alchy mist's Enchiridion, 12mo hf. calf. 

London, 1692 

196 Philalethes Eugenius, (Thomas Vaughan.) A Brief Nat- 

ural History of Philosophical Discourses, and Observa- 
tions upon the burnings of Mount Aetna, with Refutations 
of such vulgar errours, &c. 18mo calf. London, 1669 

197 Do Secrets Revealed, l8mo calf. London, 1669 

198 Do Arcanum Liquoris Immortalis Ignis Aquae 
seu Alkehest. London, 1683 

199 Pyrotechnical Discourses, by Kunkel, Stahl, Fritachius in 

1 vol. 8vo calf, 2 copies. London, 1705 

200 Plaze, Sir Hugh. The Jewel House of Art and Nature, 

small 4to. London, 1653 

201 Philosophic Naturelle, &c. 4to 1682 

202 Polygraphie de Trithem, 4to calf. 1561 

203 Philosophia Naturala, an exact piece of Philosophy, &c. 

18mocalf. London, 1668 

204 Poleman Novum Lumen Medicum. London, 1662 

205 Puffendorf. Sam'l. The Whole Duty of Man according to 

the Law. of Nature, 12mo calf. London, 1678 

206 Phiialethes, Eugenius. Long Lives and Curious History 

of such persons of both sexes, who have lived several 
a^es, and grown young again with the Rose Secret of 
Rejuvenescency of Arnoldus de Villa Nova, 12mo calf. 

London, 1722 

[Men, old in the body, may grow young in the spirit. This is what is 
set forth in such works as these.] 

207 Partridge, John. Astrology, 4to calf. London, 1697 


208 Pantheisticon sive Forrnala Celebrandae Sodalitatis So- 

craticae, <fcc. ISmo calf. Cosrnopoli, 1720 

209 Packe's Chymical Aphorisms, 18mo roan. London, 1688 

210 Pellreman's Morrall Philosophic, I 8mu calf. Lond. 1610 

21 1 Pernety, Antoine Joseph Dictionnaire Mytho Hermetique 

12mo calf. Paris, 1758 

212 Russell, Richard. Arcana Philosophica ; or, Chemical 

Secrets, 18mo half calf. Lond. 1697 

213 Rosseau's Reflexions d' un Allemand sur la profession de 

Foi, 12mo half mor. 1766. 

214 Reflections upon Liberty and Necessity, &c, 8vo calf. 

Lond. 1759 

215 Rose, Wrn. The Court and Parliament of Beasts, 12mo 

bds. Lond. 1819 

216 Religio-Stoica, with friendly Addresses to the Phanaticks 

of all Sects and Sorts, 32mo morocco. Edinburgh, 1665 

217 Rupescissa la Vertu et propriete de la Quintessence de 

toutes Gnoses, 12mo roan. Lyons, 1549 

[The quintescence is man, the Microcosm, — the essence of the " Sacred 
Quarternity" of the ancients, the so-called four elements, earth, water, air 
and fire] 

218 Robison's Proofs of Conspiracy against all the Religions 

and Governments of Europe, 8vo calf. 2 Copies. 

Lond, 1798 

219 Rossetti, Gabriele. I isquisitions on the Anti-Papal Spir- 

it which produced the Reformation — its secret influence, 
2 vols, 12mo bds. Lond. 1834 

220 Rulando, Martino. Lexicon Alchemial, 4to bds. 1612. 

221 RIPLEY'S (George) Compound of Alchymy, or the anci- 

ent hidden Art of Archernie, containing the right and 
perfectest meanes to make the Philosopher's Stone, 
Aurum potabile, with other excellent Experiments, set 
fourth by Ralph Rabbards, 4to half mor. 1590 

This very rare and ancient poem is dedicated by the author, " Cha- 
non of Bridlington ia Yorkshire," to Edward IV. in a poetical 
epistle ; other poetical works of the author are also added. 
This copy has the woodcut at the end usually deficient. 
A copy is priced £40 in the Bibiiotheca Anglo-Poctica. 

222 Roman de la Rose, par Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de 

Meun, 4 vols, 12mo calf. Amsterdam, 1735 

At the sale in Paris of Pierre Didot, the celebrated typographer 
collection, a copy of Roman de la Rose sold for 2,448 francs. 
[The Roman de la Rose, ^or Romaunt of the Rose, as translated by Chau- 
cer) is a pure Hermetic Poem^ the Rose being a figure for the true spirit 
of Divine Love. It was leveled against the Roman Church of the lime, 
Rome being the city whose walls are described as covered with symbolic 
figures. The Carbuncle signifies the truth seen in the well ] 



223 Songverd's Le tute d' Alchymie, 12mo calf. Paris, 1695 

224 Short Enquiry concerning the Hermetic Art, addressed to 

the Studious, by a Lover of Philalethes, 18mo calf. 

Lond. 1714 

225 Swedenborg; a Biography and an Exposition, by Edwin 

Paxton Hood, 12mo clo. Lond. 1854 

226 Spincke's (Nathaniel) Discourse concerning the Duty of 

Casting our Care upon God in all our Difficulties, 8vo 
calf. Lond. 1696 

227 Salmon's Practical Physick ; to which is added the 

Philosophic Works of Hermes Trismegistus, Kalid K. 
of Persia, Geber, Artefiiis Nicholas Flammel, Roger 
Bachon, and George Ripley. Plates, thick 8vo, calf. 

[The Second and third parts of this work are invaluable in this Science ] 

228 Spinoza's Fammeliche Werke, 5 vols, 12mo half mor. 

Stuttgart, 1841 

229 St. Augustine's Manual ; or, Little Book of the contempla- 

tion of Christ, or of God's word, 18mo clo. Each page 
illustrated with emblematic border. 

1577. London reprint, 1850 

230 Starkey, George. Nature's Explication and Helmont's 

Vindication, or a short and sure way to along and sound 
Life. 18mocalf. Lond. 1657 

231 Salmon, Wm. Polygraphice, or the Arts of Drawing, En- 

graving, Etching, Limnery, Painting, Varnishing, Japan- 
ing, Gilding, &c, 2 vols, 8vo calf. Lond. 1701 

232 do do Another Copy in 1 vol. 

Lond. 1701. 

233 Sydney, Sir Philip. Ourania Endimions Song and Trage- 

die, containing all Philosophic, written by N. B. 4to 
bds. Lond. 1655 

234 Spencer, John. A Discourse concerning Prodigies ; to 

which is added, A Short Treatise concerning Vulgar 
Prophecies, 12mo calf. Lond. 1665 

235 Spinoza's Benedicti de Opera quae supersunt Omnia, 3 

vols, 12mo half calf. Lipsiae, 1843 

236 Starkey, George. Pyrotechny, asserted and illustrated to 

be the surest and safest means for Art's Triumph over 
Nature's Infirmities, 18mo bds. Lond. 1696 

237 Secrets of Albertus Magnus of the Virtues of Herbs, 

Stones and certain Beasts, with a discourse on the Seven 
Planets governing to Nativities of Children, 18mo calf. 
This copy has a quaint old Portrait of Albertus Magnus. 
No date. 

238 Soucy, Francois. La Grande Medecine Universelle, l2mo 

mor. Paris, 1 654 

239 SIRIS : a Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries 

concerning the Virtues of Tar Water, &c, by Berkley, 
Bishop of Cloyne, 2nd edition, 8vo, no binding, scarce. 


240 System of Magick ; or, A History of the Black Art, being 

an historical account of Mankind's most early dealings 
with the Devil, and how the acquaintance, on both sides, 
first begun. 8vo calf. Loud. 1727 

241 Senault on the Use of Passions, 12mo calf. Lond. 1649 

242 Sandivogius (M ) New Light of Alchemy; to which 

is added, a Treatise of Sulphur — ALo Nine Books of the 
Nature of Things, by Paracelsus — Also a Chymical 
Dictionary, fine copy. 1650 

*% An article on Alchymy, with a notice of this work, will be 
found in the Retrospective Review, xiv. 98 — 135. 

243 Soul of Man. — A Discovery of Divine Mysteries, 18mo, 

half calf. London, 1700 

244 Traittez du Vray Selsecset des Philosophies et de 1'esptit 

general du monde, 12mo calf. Paris, 1721 

245 Trois Traitez de la Philosophic Naturelle nun encore 

imprimez Scavior le Secret livre du Tresancien Philr.s- 
ophe artephius traitant de l'Art occulte et transmutation 
Me allique Latin Francois plus les Figures Hieroglip- 
hiqures, de Nicolas Flamel, 4to calf. Paris, 1612 

246 Do do another copy in vellum. 

247 The Divine Being and its Attributes Philosophically De- 

monstrated from the Holy Scripture and Original Nature 
of Things, I8m<>calf. London, 1693 

248 Tracts, Three in volume, viz. : Berridtje's Christian, 1744; 

World Unmasked, 1787 ; Martin's Imposture Detected, 
and Martin's Animal Magnetism Examined. 1790 

249 Tracts, Two in 1vol. Vartu's Philosophy of Masons in 

Several Epistles from Egypt, to a Nobleman, 1790. 
Stuart's Revolution of Reason. 

250 Tracts, viz. : Green's Demonstration of Truth and Divin- 

ity; The Christian Religion Founded on Reason; Re- 
flexions on Man, and his Relations to other Beings, 
1 vol. V. D. 

251 Tauler, John. The History andi Life of, and Twenty-five 

of his Sermons, translated from the German, by Susanna 
Winkunth, with preface, by the Rev. Chas. Kingsly, 
4to cloth. London, 1857 


252 The Marrow of Chymicai Physick, 32mo calf. Lond. 1619 
293 Talisman's Sympathie Alchimi, 32mo calf. Paris. 1671 

256 The Vishnu Purana, a System of Hindu Mythology and 
Tradition, translated from the Original Sanscrit, and illus- 
trated by notes derived from other Puranas, by H. H. 
Wilson, large 4to cloth. London, 1840 

261 Taylor on Contentment, 18mo calf. 1617 

262 Theologia Mystica, or the Mystic Divinitie of the Eternal 

Invisibles,* 12mo calf. i 683 

263 The Mirrour or Glasse of Health, 18mo calf, no date. 

264 The Term of Life, viz. : whether it is fixed or alterable 

with the sense of the Jewish Doctors, both ancient and 
modern, touching Predestination and Free-will, by Me- 
nasseh Ben-israel the Jew, 18mo calf. London, 1699 

265 The Practice of Chymicall and Hermeticali Physick, 4to 

calf. London, 1605 

266 Theophrastus, Philipp, of the Nature of Things, 4to calf. 

London, i 650 

269 Traitez de l'Harmonie et Constitution Generalle du Vray, 

18mo, boards. 1639 

270 Turner, R. Paracelsus of the Supreme Mysteries of Na- 

ture, of the Spirits of the Planets, Occult Philosophy, 
18mo calf. London, 1656 

271 The Opttck Glass of Humours, or the Touchstone of a 

Golden Temperature, by T. W\, 18mo calf. Lond. 1664 

272 Thompson's R. B. Journal of Heber C. Kimball, an Elder 

of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints, 
12mo pamphlet. Nauvoo, III, 1840 

273 Trois Traitez, de la Philosophie Naturelle Non encore im- 


274 Traicte du Feuet du sel, by Blasse de Vigeners, 4to mor. 

Rouen, 1642 

275 The Scriptural Chimisfc, 2 vols. 12mo calf. Oxford, 1680 

276 Weidenfield's Secrets of the Adepts ; or, of the Use of 

Lully's Spirit of Wine, a Practical Work, with very 
great Study, collected out of the Ancient as well as Mo- 
dern Fathers of Adept Philosophy, reconciled together. 
Translated by G. C, 4to calf. 1685 

277 Worth, T. Chymieus Rationalis ; or, the Fundamental 

Grounds of the Cbymical Art, 18rao half calf. 

London, 1692 

278 Wharton, Geo, Keipomantia ; or, the Art of Divining, by 

the Lines and Signatures engraved on the Hand of 
Man by the Hand of Nature, 18mo boards. Lond. J. 852 


279 Wodenote, T. Hermes, Theologus ; or, A Divine Mercuric 

dispacht with a grave message of New Descants upon 
old Records, 18mocalf. London, 1649 

280 Wright, S. Little Treatise of being Born Again, 18mo 

half calf. London, 1719 

281 Weigelius (Valentine) Astrologie Theologized, 4to rare, 


282 Webster, John. History of Metals, 4to bds. Lond. 1671 

283 Do do On Witchcraft, wherein is affirmed that 
many sorts of Deceivers and Impostors and divers per- 
sons under a passive delusion, of Melancholy, Fancy, 
&c, folio, half mor. London, 1677 

284 Van Helsen. Thresor de la Bhilosophie des Anciens, fol., 

calf. 1693 

285 Vaughan, Thomas. The Man Mouse taken in a trap and 

tortured to death for gnawing at the magic of Philalathes 
18mo half calf. London, 1650 

286 Vade Mecum. Philosophique, 18mocalf. Paris, 1719 

287 Unum Necessarium ; or the Great Duty of a Christian, in 

two Tracts, by John Staupitz, l8mo morocco. 

London, 1692 

288 Urbigerus Aphorismi Vrbigerani. 18mo half calf. 

London, 1690 

289 VINCENT'S (N.) True Touchstone which shews both 

Grace and Nature, 1681 — Discourse of the Spirit of 
Prayer, 1677 — A Heaven or Hell upon Earth, or Dis- 
course concerning Conscience, 3 vols. 12mo morocco. 

290 Van Helmont's Works — Oriatsike or Physick Refined, the 

common errors therein Refuted, and the whole Art Re- 
formed and Rectified, Folio. 1662 

[The reader of this work, besides other extraordinary learning, will find 
astonishing anticipations of (supposed) modern discoveries in magnet- 

291 Zacaire et Bernard Opuscule tres excellent de la Vrage 

Philosophic, 18mo. Lyons, 1612 


292 Quarto Volume of Papers on Occult Science, 139 pages, 

neatly half bound in vellum. 

293 Hercules Phjlochymiste de Pierre Jean Fabre Philosophe 

Medecine de Castelnaurari, 286 pages, 12mo half mor. 

Paris, 1796 


2§4 Two Polio Volumes, entitled Manuscripts PrecieuSS, em- 
bracing quite a number of Valuable Treatises, with ex- 
tracts from the Philosopher's writings. Some letters 
from Cosmopolita, who was (an Englishman) amortg the 
most celebrated of the Alchymists, 700 pages neatly 
bound in calf. 

These two Volumes have sold for 1200 francs. 

295 Philosophic Hermetique Compilation de Beauhurnois, 2 

vols, 4 to half vellum, about 600 pages. Cost, 10,000 

296 Octavo Volume of 501) Pages, entitled Jean Isaac Hollandus 

au Traite douvrays Mineraux, au de la Sierre des Phil- 

297 Quarto Volume Philosophic Hermetique. 

298 Another Manuscript embraces 317 pages of quarto, well 

written in French, being the work of Deloque. Said 
to have cost 25 Louis.. 

[This work is on Zmk, another of the multitude of words designat- 
ing the Philosophic Egg, or Nature. The author remarks 
that there are three ports of Zink — one natural, and two acci- 
dental ; but, the three are as inseparable as spirit, soul and 
body.] Cost in London, £3 03 

299 Traite du Grand Ouvre, ou de la Transmutation des 

Metaux, et de la Pierre Philosophale Contenu daus 
le Testament de Raymond Lullie, in 1556. Ouvrage 
tres rare, and tres recherche, n'ayant jamais ete Im- 
prima. This vol. cost j£1-10 

300 Hermes Pymander, 275 pages, 12mo. Cost 475. 

301 Quarto Volume Le Revelateur du grand Secret Philosophic 


302 Do do La Clef du Secret de Secretae, 166 ps. 

303 Do do Philosophole. 1688 

304 Do do Scraps, &c. 

305 Do do Mysteries of the Invisible World Dis- 
closed, 77 pages. 

306 Do Instruction de la Philosophic, 73 pages. 

307 Do La Sagesse des Anciens ou le grand Oeuvre 
Avec 27 Figures Painte en Couleur. 

308 Do Explanation of certain Hieroglyphs upon Notre 
Dame at Paris, 16 pages. 

309 Do Alchimie &c. Vellum. 

310 Octavo Volume Miscellaneous Tracts, 517 pages. 

311 do Alchimie, Sic. on Parchment. 

312 do Revelation of the Secret Spirit. 1629 

313 do Secret Experiments, 18mo, 300 pages. 1716 

314 do Medecine Universale on Parchment. OOpages. 

315 Concordance Mithe Phisico Cabals Hermetique, Folio. 
3! 6 Hermetique Manuscript. 

317 Sentences dorees Anciens Philosophes. 3 651 

318 Semegeton seu Clavicula Solomonis Regis, or the little 

Key of Solomon King. 1512 

[The value and importance of the aboire works will be esteemed more 
and more highly in proportion as they become understood in that spirit 
of truth which •' leadeth unto all truth."] 

mtlu w$%h$%* 

Gentlemen who are unable to attend the sale, may hare their 
orders to purchase carefully executed, at the usual commission, 
by either of the following parties, viz. : 

DAVID DAVIDSON, 49 Walker Street, New York. 
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LEE <fc SHEPARD, 149 Washington St.. Boston. 





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